2020 - February 28


Optocoupler EL-HV50

for applications requiring high isolation voltages (20kV)

The optocoupler EL-HV50 is dedicated to applications requiring high isolation voltages. The construction of the device results in a creeping distance of 50mm. Even with a heavy soiling ( non-conductive dirt and temporary covering by dew) a rated voltage of 5kV is permitted. This feature makes the EL-HV50 the right device for a variety of railroad applications.

The short delay time of typ. 250ns allows transmission if fast digital signals. The receiver element is built from a photodiode followed by a Schmitt-trigger device that generates a logic signal at its open collector output.

Der Optokoppler

Data Sheet (PDF)

Main applications of the HV optocoupler:

Drivers for power semiconductors like IGBT´s or MOSFET´s in voltage converters with high input voltages
Transmission of signals to/from measurement or control devices that are on high potential

Special designs for higher isolation voltages (up to 100kV) are available!